sarralSARREAL ART I LLUM, S.A. has specialised in the manufacture of alabaster pieces in different shapes and designs since 1980. The alabaster we produce is used as a light diffuser in decorative lamps for indoor use. We make alabaster pieces in the size, shape and design to match any customer’s needs. This work of enhancing the translucence of alabaster stone, its singular streaks and the exclusiveness of each piece due to its natural and unique character, has brought about the revival of alabaster as a highly successful product on the worldwide decorative-lighting market. We are the exclusive suppliers of LEDS-C4, a company of international prestige in the sector.


Alabaster QuarriesLISAR, S.A. It’s dedicated to working the “La Clara” quarry at Quinto de Ebro (Saragossa). It has mining resources at the quarry and can cut the stone in its own facilities for use in final product manufacturing at the parent company plant in Sarreal (Tarragona). JILOCASTONE, S.A. It runs the quarry at Fuentes de Jiloca (Saragossa) which produces a larger variety of alabaster. As with LISAR, it has the resources to extract and cut the stone.


Alabaster DesignALABASTER NEW CONCEPT, S.L. also belonging to SARREAL ART I LLUM, was established in 2008 as a new business venture to incorporate a new concept into the field of alabaster. It was established in response to a market that was demanding greater design work through the use of new technologies, boosting the application of alabaster in architecture and interior-design projects. One of the leading products it produces is the furniture and accessories collection marketed as ILUMINADOS.