Tiles & Panels

Types of alabaster

White / Champagne

Our alabaster with greater luminosity. Its natural grain makes it the most precious alabaster by architects and interior designers for their projects.


Alabaster with a strong natural color. This variety is unique in the world, extracted from our quarry Jiloca Stone. Highly prized by Italian designers.


Its natural gray coloring and the contrast that produces when it is lighting also makes it a unique choice in the world, increasingly used in interior for its exclusivity.

Types of tiles

Flat tiles

Standard measured are customizable to your needs.

Height 10 cm to 120 cm.

Width 10 cm to 68 cm.

Thickness from 1 cm on.

Curved tiles

With our technology we can supply 2-dimensional curved plates with any radio, performed through parallel courteous. The measures will be adaptable to the specific project needs presented.

Laminated glass

For facades and windows with panels of alabaster

Sizes: up to 3m x 2,50m.

Thickness measures are variable depending on its location.

Types of glasses: Extraclear, matte Extraclear and Tempered Glass.